Holly the Pupster

Becoming a dog mom and woofing up 2016!

Welcome to Fitness and Character!

This blog was a long time coming, and quite frankly a big procrastination on my end! For future posts, I will share workouts, law school successes and blunders, #sweatpink news, puppy updates, coffee reviews, and vegetarian recipes. This year I started working for Fit Approach (home of the #sweatpink community) again after a year away, moved to Colorado for law school at University of Denver law, and fell in love with the best dude ever, Alex! 2016 brought a lot of societal negativity, however its been an amazing personal year. To top of 2016, this Christmas I received the best gift, a one-year old puppy, named Holly.

Our first date with Holly at the Animal Shelter…already an Instagram model!

My boyfriend, Alex, and I rescued Holly from the Denver Animal Shelter! For anyone in the Denver area looking to add a pup/kitty to the household, I highly recommend adopting from the Denver Animal Shelter. The staff is amazing, volunteers rock, and we are extremely happy with the care they gave our pup! After a few months of dreaming of getting a puppy and deciding to move in together, we met Holly and instantly fell for her. I mean who couldn’t love that smile and cute ear freckles?!

Our first car ride as proud pup parents!

Holly has brought many laughs, pride, ‘poop parties’, early morning wake up calls, and constant energy! Although she got a surgery (spayed) the day before we met her and is in recovery mode, she is recovering fast and not letting a little rest keep her down. We’ve made it out for a few short and calm walks around the neighborhood and park, as well as indoor play with her new basket of toys. With the goal to gain five pounds, she is a growing and hungry puppy!

Holly trying to gain five lbs … steal mom’s minestrone!

Growing up, my family always had dogs – mostly labs. Coming into my own in a new city, law school, work, and relationship, made me excited to bring a pup into my life. Holly has a constant bond with Alex and I, and will be an amazing running bud (her leash skills are improving every day), and a loving snuggle bug for two big snugglers!

IMG_9281.JPG 2.jpeg
Snuggle bug!

Here are a few fun facts about Holly:

  • One year old rescue pup from the Denver Animal Shelter
  • Judged to be a German Short Hair and Lab Mix (but DNA is not completely known yet)
  • Loves to run, chase geese, chew on water bottles, & eat peanut butter out of her Kong
  • Rocks a pink collar, leash, and harness (because she is a #sweatpinkpup)
  • Instagrams at @hollythepupster 
  • Finds trouble by jumping on counters, stealing coffee beans, and standing in the tub
  • Gives hugs and kisses to strangers
  • Hates being cold, loves blankets
IMG_9325.JPG 2.jpeg
Finding friends to chase at Wash Park!

We are very excited and thankful to welcome Holly the Pupster to our household. I can’t wait to run with her every morning and evening at WashPark when she is fully recovered! But for now, we eat, sleep, walk, and cuddle!

IMG_9252.JPG 2.jpeg


Stay tuned! Woof.

6 thoughts on “Becoming a dog mom and woofing up 2016!

  1. OH MY GOSSHHH! The cuteness! Can’t wait to meet this lovable pup! Glad she’s in your life and vice versa – you’re already such an amazing dog momma!

    I got so puppy side-tracked, but yay for the new blog! It looks great.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww congrats on the new puppy! I just got a puppy back in June and I quickly realized that puppies are so cute…and so tough! Mine likes coffee beans too. Also, congrats on the new blog!


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