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#IAMEMPOWERED to Girl Boss 2017

2017 is all about empowerment, #girlboss initiatives, and an ongoing party of sweating, studying, & growing. Forward progress, one sprint at a time.

2016 is going to be hard to top. Graduating from college, traveling around Europe, standing next to both my best friend and sister in their weddings, moving to Denver and living #allbymyself, meeting the love of my life, starting and finishing the first semester of law school, and adding a puppy as my right side lady…2016 was pretty darn awesome!


Reflecting on this year, I’ve grown many of ways (besides height…shorty!) and even sprouted my first grey hair at 21 years old. Ha! I take it as a compliment to all of my hard work this year. Hopefully it was my first and last sprout of grey wisdom.

With that brief recap, here are a few of my goals that are empowering me to jump into 2017 with full force and enthusiasm:

  • Fit Approach. Fit Approach and the Sweat Pink Community are my pride and joy. I’m a workaholic in the best way because I love what I do and can’t get enough of building up this powerful community of influencers (in every sense of the word). Through launching HIIT Yoga, #IAMEMPOWERED campaign, and a race series; gaining new partners; and finalizing our fourth renewal as co-sponsors of BlogFest, we are already taking 2017 by storm and unbelievably excited to see what the New Year holds for the #sweatpink team. This year, we grew our community by 1,000 influencers (total of 5,500!); added twenty new partners in a multitude of industries; grew our team by four amazing girl bosses (including baby Mackenzie); opened Flex & Flow Yoga studio in Portland, Oregon; and grew overall by 200%. Needless to say, nothing can hold us back! Forward progress all the way, all the time.
  • Law school. Starting my second semester of law school, already?! The first semester flew by like a military jet…super fast, super striking, super fun, super challenging, super able to crash into the ground at any point in time. Maybe that’s a weird analogy, but it is true. Ha. I love law school…which seems to be a strange thing to say for an entrepreneurial minded individual. For those who don’t know, in August 2016 I started law school at University of Denver Sturm College of Law. It took a few learning curves to adjust to the amount of reading, organize my schedule, and make it happen, but I am thankful to be supported by an amazing #girlboss community (s/o Anna, Maggie, and Jenn) and have a crazy smart and loving boyfriend who is going through the same daily grind. Once we finish this next semester, we are free birds to take whatever classes we want, dive into externships/internships, and mold our future in the legal profession. Alongside academics, I am loving the professional development that comes a long with being in law school. This semester, as a know-nothing, teach-me-everything student, I: joined a student advisor board for a startup/entrepreneur focused cross-discipline campus group called Project X-ITE, which is making BIG waves in the Denver startup community; met the Galvanize General Counsel for some pre-finals #girlboss inspiration; attended a meeting with US Patent and Trade Office attaches; and drank my weight in coffee. A ginormous thank you to my mom and dad for making this all possible. I love you guys to the moon and back a million times!
  • Internships. To top it off, I’m excited to continue to learn the law from working professionals and look forward to taking on a summer internship! Stay tuned for what opportunity is the ONE.
  • Denver Startup Community. With the goal to practice law to help small businesses and entrepreneurs (especially #girlbosses), in 2017 I plan to dive deeper into the Denver Startup Community by: participating in Women Who Startup Meetup events, taking a larger role in Project X-ITE, and applying for the FORGE clinic at the law school, which helps small businesses in the area with free legal advice and support.
  • Travel. As many of you know, I caught the travel bug this year! I’m hoping to find a cheap way to make it out of the country for a few days in 2017…as I definitely don’t have 5 weeks to spare again (and probably won’t for awhile) but I feel the need to continue to experience and grow by traveling with #BecksandPats (my hashtag for Euro 2016…Becks = me and Pats = my Patagonia blackhole backpack). There are talks of Vancouver with my besties in August, so stay tuned!
  • 200 HR Yoga Certification. I’m committing to knocking this off of my todo and ‘don’t procrastinate any longer list’. This summer, I plan to train under Kindness Yoga  in Denver and add my 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training certification to my resume! This is a personal and professional goal, with the hopes to open a a Flex & Flow Yoga studio in Denver one day!
  • Flex & Flow. Last but absolutely not least (actually probably #1), I am committing to launching the start of a Flex & Flow community in Denver this year. To kick it all off, I will be starting an outdoor bootcamp (how all the #sweatpink #flexandflow fun began) in WashPark this Spring. Stay tuned, Denverites and get ready to get sweaty!

Whew. That’s a lot but if it wasn’t, would it be worth it?

Tweet: Happy Holidays! This week #IAMEMPOWERED to __________________. #sweatpink @fitapproach

Join Fit Approach and Flex & Flow for a 365 day/52 week #IAMEMPOWERED challenge for constant motivation, support, and forward progress.

What are you goals and commitments to empowering yourself in 2017? What challenges will you take on to grow and move forward?

#sweatpink it up, friends. Peace.

4 thoughts on “#IAMEMPOWERED to Girl Boss 2017

  1. You are awesome! It’s about time you started a blog so we could read about the amazing things you’ve been up to (though I know it’s those AMAZING things that have kept you so busy!). 😉 Congrats on conquering your first semester of law school. I know you’ll accomplish even more in 2017!


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