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Friday Five with SURGE and @HollyThePupster!

Happy Friday!

As a group exercise instructor, law student, dog mom, #sweatpink girl boss, finding time to add a workout to my already overlapping schedule isn’t always easy. This typically means I break a sweat early in the AM or late PM (with the help of my new pup, @hollythepupster). I’m always collecting new tools for my at-home gym toolkit! This week, I’m kick off my Friday Five with a new favorite workout tool, The Surge®. Specialized to use water for dynamic resistance training, The Surge® amps up your workout by challenging your joints and stabilizing muscles to resist the transfer of water within the tool. The Surge is officially my new favorite “tool”.


The workout below can be done without any equipment (body weight only) but I recommend adding some resistance to challenge your body!

Friday Five Workout Rules:

Twenty (20) reps of each exercise;

repeat the full workout three (3) times through! 

  • Focus on your technique first and foremost (read my quick tips for proper technique)!
  • Engage your core, always!
  • Have fun!

Squats with Overhead Press

Quick tip! Make sure your weight is back in your heels (to protect the knees), chest is lifted, and core is engaged. Ready, set, press!

Reverse lunge with oblique twist

Quick tip! Open your chest, keep your shoulders squared over your hips, and front knees behind the toes. Add a puppy to the equation and these lunges get so much harder (and fun)!

Standing rows

Quick tip! A movement to target the upper back, arms, and of course, core! Lift your chest, engage your core, and bend your knees (45 degree) angle.


Quick tip! Keep your lower back on the floor by pulling your belly button in towards your spine. Lift with your core, not with your arms or legs. Lift and lower slowly for maximum abdominal contraction. These babies are hard with all the extra water and puppy kisses!

Bicep Curls


Quick tip! Bicep curls are essential to building strong arms and upper body. Slightly bend your knees, lift your chest, engage your core, and keep your elbows in towards your sides.

Repeat x3! 

If you’re interested in purchasing The Surge®, use the code SPHF25 for 25% off between 1/20 and 1/28.

Comment below with your favorite workout exercise out of the Friday Five!

Happy weekend, sweaties!

Disclosure: I received The Surge from #sweatpinkpartner, Hedstrom Fitness to show you my Favorite Friday Fives for the week of January. Stay tuned for more Friday fun!


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