Lookin’ Good Rest Day!

Rest day is 100% necessary…here’s why! Thanks for sharing Pink Hat Runner!


Happy Friday Eve, everyone!! Today, is actually my Friday, can I get a Hell YEAH  amen?! It’s been a long week, which started last Friday  morning when I went out to my car to find it was broken into. I was on my way out of the house for an o’dark30 run with Sharon, aka, Rungry Runner, to find my driver’s side door was ajar, this is not something I do and it really shook me up. (Side Note: I still met her to run, but we cut it short so that I could come back and call State Farm and the Police Department) Come to find out, after filing a police report and insurance claim, there are fake car openers, that detect the frequency of your alarm, pop the door open and away goes whatever the criminal wants. In my case, it was two gym bags and my…

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